Heart of the House

A video series on Koinonia's core values.

Every local church is unique! This series is designed to communicate the core values that Koinonia was established on – Mission, Worship, Servanthood, Stewardship, and Generations. If you’re looking to make Koinonia your home, watching this series is a great first step and will help you to understand our DNA.  

Step 1 - Download

Download the notes by clicking the button, and fill them in as you watch each session.

Step 2 - Watch

There are 5 sessions, each approximately 30 minutes in length, which you can watch below!

Session 1 | Mission
Session 2 | Worship
Session 3 | Servanthood
Session 4 | Stewardship
Session 5 | Generations

Step 3 - Hand In

Email your completed notes to our Team Director - Laura Barnes by clicking below and attaching your notes to the email. You can also hand in a hard copy of your notes at the Resources Centre on Sunday mornings.