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For the whole family

Volunteer Opportunity - Koinoina Kids

LEADER: Cheryl VanderAhe 

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

You are invited to join the Koinonia Kids team for the 10-week Fall semester of Life Groups on Wednesday nights. This is a great opportunity to get involved in any of our classes from Nursery to Grade 8.

Contact Cheryl by email or at 519-744-7447 for more info or to find out details on what serving in a particular class might involve!

REQUIREMENTS: Open to anyone in Grade 8 and up. A current police check is required before the beginning of the semester. Training will be provided.

Suit Up!

LEADERS: Koinonia Kids Team

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

This semester we are excited to study the Armour of God! We’ll talk about what it means to “Suit Up!” so we can be ready to stand firm. We’re excited to play great games and learn from God’s Word through live and video teaching. Bring a friend!

REQUIREMENTS: Kids in Grade 1-4 *Note – Visit the check-in kiosk for name tags before going to this class.


LEADERS: Koinonia Kids Team

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

This semester we are looking forward to learning more about purity, maturity, and generosity as we look to God’s Word for wisdom. Life Groups are a great opportunity to go deeper in your walk with God, grow in friendships, and have loads of fun at the same time. Can’t wait to see you there!

REQUIREMENTS: For kids in Grades 5-8. Bring your Bible, notebook, and pen. *Note – Visit the check-in kiosk for name tags before going to this class.

Impact Social

LEADERS: Impact Youth Team

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

This semester we want to COME TOGETHER as a community of high school students. God created us for relationships with one another, and we believe Impact is an amazing place to learn to build healthy, strong, and lasting friendships. Come hang out with us on Wednesday nights as we get to know each other, eat stuff, and have some serious fun.

REQUIREMENTS: For high school students

Heart of the House / Heart of the Gospel

LEADER: Dave Champion

HEART OF THE HOUSE: Sept. 25 - Oct. 23

HEART OF THE GOSPEL: Oct. 30 - Nov. 27

Heart of the House is designed to share the vision of Koinonia and communicate our core values. This 5-week course centres around videos of our founding pastor, Steve Fleming, sharing the heart of Koinonia, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discuss each lesson. This is a great orientation if you are considering making Koinonia your home church. If you already call Koinonia home, this is a necessary step to begin serving in some areas.


Heart of the Gospel is a video-based course designed to help strengthen your faith and deepen your understanding of the Gospel. Topics covered include: the origin and nature of sin, God’s rescue plan for humanity, what Jesus accomplished on the cross, the new life we have received in Christ, and how we can live as Christ’s ambassadors.

REQUIREMENTS: For anyone in Grade 7 and older.

Navigators 2:7 Discipleship

LEADERS: Millard Meyers, Lois Cave

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

This series is designed to help build a strong foundation for your Christian life through enriching Bible study, scripture memory, and group interaction. With this biblical and practical approach to discipleship, this group will yield long-term, life-changing results. It is foundational in teaching the basics of living the Christian life and will give you the tools to develop an intimate relationship with God. In a nutshell, it teaches how to develop relationship with God, other believers, the Bible, and how to become a soul-winning Christian. It is like the four legs on a chair. All are needed to have a balanced Christian life.

REQUIREMENTS: For anyone age 12 and up. Max 11 spots. Purchase the book ‘Growing Strong in God’s Family’ for $22 from the leader in the first class.

Precepts: Revelations Part 3

LEADER: Debbie Eckmier

DURATION: Starts Oct 9 - Jan 15 (7-8:30pm)

LOCATION: Kitchener

It is not a prerequisite to have been with this group for Part 1 & 2. We will continue to work through Revelations. In this class, we will study what the sign of His coming and of the end of the age are?

We will explore the relationship of the book of Revelation to the Gospels and understand the NT and OT prophecies and teachings about the last days.

You will learn a way of doing Bible study (inductive method) that will completely open up and unlock your understanding of the Bible. It simply takes an investment of your time that is totally worth it to build a foundation and strengthen your spiritual life! We answer questions in a step-by-step workbook during the week, and then get together for a lively discussion of what we have learned.

REQUIREMENTS: For anyone. You can choose a regular ‘Precept upon Precept’ workbook for $30 or an ‘In and Out’ workbook for $25 (homework is reduced). These can be purchased from the leaders on the first night.

Finances 101

LEADER: Rob Musselman

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

This class is designed for anyone who wants to improve skills in managing money. Whether you are a high school student planning for university, a parent looking to teach your kids about money, or a grandparent looking forward to retirement, this class is for you. We will discuss topics including budgeting, saving for the future, giving/tithe, paying off debt, making large purchases (such as cars and houses) and many other topics. We will take a look at money through a biblical lens while applying many practical actions to improve your confidence in managing your personal finances. 


Seeing the Invisible

LEADERS: Dot Turner, Joe & Tricia Sonne, JP Smits

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

Our miracle-working God wants to move powerfully in our lives! With our eyes enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we can perceive the things He is revealing, hear what He is saying, and see what He is doing. Jesus, our example, lived this way. In this Life Group, we will learn how, with eyes of faith, we can not only see, but experience God moving in supernatural ways. Join us as our hearts are encouraged and our expectations are raised to believe God to work mightily in our lives.

REQUIREMENTS: For anyone. Bring your Bible and a notebook.

Propel Women

LEADERS: Stephanie Bigelow, Lori Bigelow

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

Celebrating every woman’s passion, purpose, and potential. We are a group of women called to the marketplace, who are creating a safe space for growth, learning, and support. We seek to develop our skills in the workplace through discussion and to mutually support each other in our calling. We also focus on holding ourselves accountable to one another. We are creating a climate of success for all of our members through honest reflection, courageous dialogue, and focused prayer. This semester we will be doing the "Momentum" curriculum.

REQUIREMENTS: For women. Bring a Bible and notebook.

Valiant Man

LEADERS: Jeff Chesney, Nathan Turner

DURATION: Sept. 25 - Nov. 27

Learning how to handle the pressure of male sexuality is one of the skills necessary for a man to be successful in his personal life and with his spiritual development. We live in a highly sexualized world, and the pressure to develop distortions in male sexuality is high. When men develop distorted sexuality their integrity is imperiled, their spiritual vitality is undermined, and their marriages are endangered. Developing and maintaining a healthy sexuality is every man’s battle. We invite you to be a part of Valiant Man.

REQUIREMENTS: For men age 18 and older. Max 10 spaces. Cost is $35 (which covers the cost of the workbook).

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