Thursday Small Groups

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Divine Women Weekly

LEADERS: The Divine Team

WHEN: Thursdays, 9:15 - 11:15am

LOCATION: Koinonia

DURATION: Sept. 26 - Nov. 28

Divine Weekly is a great opportunity for women to gather for worship, connection, yummy food, and inspiring biblical teaching! Child care is provided (depending on space availability).

This session we will be studying Christine Caine’s video teaching entitled “20/20”. We will have the opportunity to develop a new understanding of how God sees us, chooses us, and empowers us to carry Him with passion and excitement into our world.

REQUIREMENTS: For women. Cost is $15. Child care is almost full. You can check availability by emailing Each mom bringing children will be required to serve in child care for one Thursday.

Be In Health

LEADERS: Ray & Barb Lee

WHEN: 7:30 - 9pm

LOCATION: Kitchener

DURATION: Sept. 26 - Nov. 28

God is in the restoration business. We will explore how our relationship with God, with others, and even ourselves effect our physical bodies. We will examine how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions either have a positive or negative affect on our body. Your brain is converting those thoughts into a physical reaction that can lead to the development of disease. Join us as we look into God’s Word and science to understand this process and help reverse its effects.

REQUIREMENTS: Optional – Purchase the book ‘A More Excellent Way’ by Henry Wright for $31 at the Resource Centre.

Men's Discipleship Group

LEADERS: Nathan Turner

WHEN: bi-weekly, 8-10pm

LOCATION: Kitchener

Be encouraged, make new friends, and grow in your faith as we discuss how our relationship with God impacts our daily lives as men.

This fall, we will be watching and discussing a series of short thought-provoking films focused on real people facing real-life challenges. Covering topics such as calling, purpose, and God’s power to redeem and restore, these films will help us develop connections with one another, grow in our understanding of who we are as men, and challenge us to be all God has called us to be.

REQUIREMENTS: For men age 18 and older.

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