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It's New Wine Time!

Pastor Bryan Ferguson

September 22, 2019

It’s a New Time! 

This Season...

For you Personally...

For us as a Church...

Luke 5:27-39

1. It was a new time for Levi (Matthew) – vs.27-28

2. It is a new time for the Religious Leaders – vs.29-32

3. Jesus is the New!  vs. 33-35

4. It’s New Wine Time! – vs. 36-39

When Jesus came He was like “new wine” for the people. He didn’t fit in old skins, formats or procedure for how you would go to the Father. 

"New Wine" - Hillsong Worship

What is involved in making New Wine?

Do we want Jesus to bring new wine out of you?!

“Going forward, don't play games with God. Don't play religion”