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Influence in the Marketplace

LEADER: Steve Fleming

WHEN: Weekly via email, with in-person meetings: Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec. 9

We will discuss and study how each of us can make a difference in our involvements in the marketplace. Our discussion will take place around the book based on the life of H.J Heinz. What makes his life so inspiring is his love for the common – the common place, the common man, today’s common tasks and work. He built an empire by doing common things uncommonly well. In the process he left his mark on the world through his leadership based upon his strong faith and character that was shaped by both his failures and success’s.


Each person will read the book and then we will discuss it through a weekly email group. We will then meet together for an extended time 3 times during the dates listed above.

Requirements: For anyone. Purchase the book ‘It Was Never About the Ketchup!’ by Steve Lentz for $20 from the Resource Centre.

Men's Discipleship Group

LEADERS: David Scheifele, Joe Choong

WHEN: bi-weekly, 8-10pm, Waterloo

Be encouraged, make new friends, and grow in your faith as we discuss how our relationship with God impacts our daily lives as men.

This fall, we will be watching and discussing a series of short thought-provoking films focused on real people facing real-life challenges. Covering topics such as calling, purpose, and God’s power to redeem and restore, these films will help us develop connections with one another, grow in our understanding of who we are as men, and challenge us to be all God has called us to be.

REQUIREMENTS: For men age 18 and older.

Men’s Hang Out & Prayer

LEADER: Dave Smylie

WHEN: Date and time are flexible

This group is an informal gathering of men who want to share life and pray together.

REQUIREMENTS: For men age 18 and older.

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