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Family News

The latest news on births, anniversaries, and condolences.


Congratulations to Praise and Robin Nugteren on the brith of their son, Luke.


God designed marriage to be a powerful picture of Jesus’ love for His Church. Let's join these Koinonia couples as they celebrate their 5-year anniversary milestones in July and August.


  • John-Peter and Danielle Smits | 15 years
  • Chad and Vanessa Swance | 10 years
  • Jeffrey and Julie Hubbard | 20 years
  • Scott and Tennille McDonald | 25 years
  • Joseph and Kathryn Hofer | 10 years
  • Randy and Krystyna Corlett | 40 years


  • Jason and Jessica Stevens | 15 years
  • Perry and Charlene Carruthers | 50 years
  • Joshua and Alicia Kubassek | 10 years
  • Jeff and Brenda Collard | 25 years


There are no condolences at this time